Tips for a Winning Halloween Costume

Tips for a Winning Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume for a party you’re planning this year, you’re not alone. For many people, Halloween costumes and costume parties are the event of the season: It’s a chance to get out of your self for a night, and make people laugh and enjoy themselves. Places to have parties can vary from the exciting to the truly memorable; with venues like a San Diego luxury yacht or your favorite San Diego restaurant, the possibilities are endless. 

Here are just a few tips toward making your Halloween costume a success.

1. Appeal to What People Are Talking About 

Sometimes the best Halloween costumes are those which make a subtle reference to recent events. Maybe you’ll go as Robin Thicke, in his striped suit from the Video Music Awards — or a character from a recent movie like Harry Potter. Whatever you choose, think of how others will perceive you — if your costume touches on a subject they’re interested in, it’ll be sure to make a hit. 

2. Show a Part of Your Personality

What are you most passionate about in life? Maybe you love literature, and want to go to a party as William Shakespeare. Or maybe you love music, and want to wear the outfit Bruce Springsteen wore on the cover of “Born in the USA.” The important thing is to lift peoples’ spirits when they see your costume, as well as get to know a bit more about you.

3. Have a Theme

If you’re throwing a party, whether it’s on a San Diego luxury yacht or in the office, one fun idea is to have a theme — say, “The 1990s” or “Dress as Your Favorite Figure from History.” It’s a great way to make people get creative, and it’ll be sure to make you the life of the party.

4. Make People Laugh

In the words of famous anchorman Ron Burgundy, memorably played by Will Farrell, “You stay classy, San Diego.” For a film that is set in the city, you may want to go as one of the characters from the film. People will get a kick both out of the humor, and out of the reference to their hometown.

So if you’re planning a great Halloween this year, remember that sometimes the best costumes are the ones that make our friends smile — and let them know us even more. Whatever the event, know that there are some great ways to turn a Halloween party into the party of the year.


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AIDS Walk & Run San Diego

On Sunday, September 29, 2013, San Diego will hold its 24th AIDS Walk and Run. This event will feature a 5K walk, a Track and Field certified 10K run and a Street Challenge obstacle course so people of all fitness levels will be able to come out and participate in some form. There will also be a revamped festival site that features a health and wellness focus.

Unlike other fitness events that just exist for people to have fun, the AIDS Walk and Run San Diego draws attention to a serious health condition affecting an estimated 12,500 men, women and children living in San Diego County: HIV/AIDS. Because there is currently no cure for AIDS, the best defense against this disease is a combination of testing, treatment and AIDS education, both for those affected by this disease and the community at large.

The AIDS Walk and Run San Diego puts a much needed focus on AIDS. It lets AIDS victims know that they are not alone and that there are people who will stand by them, walk with them and run next to them until a cure is found. This year, the event is expected to include more than 8,000 individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and who all want to show their support.

One company who will be present on race day to show their support is Flagship Cruises & Events. Flagship Cruises & Events is proud to be a major sponsor of this event which does so much to help a community in need. Many other sponsors will be present to lend a hand to the fight as well.

Individuals who want to show their support for the fight against AIDS and HIV can sign up to walk, run or complete the obstacle course online here. They have the option of signing up as a challenger, walker, runner or a combination of walker and challenger or runner and challenger. People can also sign up in teams. Interested individuals can donate to the cause on the same webpage when they register. People who do not wish to participate in an event are still welcome to come to the event to cheer on the participants and show their support for the cause.


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How to Choose the Right Venue for a Corporate Holiday Party

How to Cater to Everyone at your next Catered Party

Catering your next corporate gathering is the best way to thank current business clients and invite future clients to get to know you. Your company gets to represent itself in a creative way while still encouraging corporate culture and future deal making. San Diego corporate events can be the perfect way to get an edge on the competition in your field. Here are 5 tips to better plan and host your next catered holiday party for your business or corporation.

Location, location, location – Think of your next holiday party as you would a real estate transaction. What part of town or landscape would make business associates want to attend your event over one being given by the competition? San Diego corporate events have the luxury of a year round waterfront and boating community. A business party planned on a harbor cruise tour is the perfect use of a beautiful city known for its perfect climate.

The theme is the thing – Choose a party theme that introduces your new product line, sales or advertising campaign. Plan your decorations and food choice to exhibit new ideas and reinforce current branding. Make your venue as unique or as luxurious as you want to be seen by your customer base.

Cuisine is king – Work with your caterer and chef to choose a cuisine that will not only be delicious but also be remembered long after your gathering is over. Food stations and buffets are quite popular for corporate parties and events with large numbers of attendees. Pick the style of catering that will have your guests mingling the most.

A little entertainment goes a long way – Find the most exciting, affordable and memorable entertainment for your next corporate event. This may take the form of a soloist or orchestra. You might use a comedian or magician to lighten up the crowd and involve your audience. Have them try to weave the evening entertainment into your theme for maximum results.

Research makes it right – Carefully research not just your own brand, but also the company clients you are inviting to the party. Make sure the theme, cuisine and entertainment you choose is sure to amaze and not offend anyone.


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Introvert’s Guide to a Successful Conference

If you’re a bit introverted, public gatherings such as conferences — especially among colleagues — can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes you’d rather be off in your room while the crowds are gathered, and the thought of speaking publicly send chills down your spine.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Here are just a few tips to open up at a conference.

1. Be polite — and listen to others.

Emily Post, who wrote for years on the subject of etiquette, once said that when it comes to conversation, we can either be boring or bored. What this really means is that we can be great listeners, or we can talk endlessly about ourselves. And the truth is, you don’t really have to be bored to be a social success — you just have to find what others say interesting. If you do that, you’ll have their ear, and their heart.

2. Know that other people struggle with socializing too — and find common interests

When it comes to socializing, the saying “Fake it ’til you make it” ought to be the motto of everyone with even a slight amount of anxiety in social situations. Often just putting others at their ease by finding where you bond is half the battle. 

If you’re in family medicine, for example, a San Diego weekend cruise with the American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly can put you in touch with like-minded people — and common ground is one of the most important things to have when putting your best foot forward with others.

3. A simple lesson on how to not be boring. 

Referring again to etiquette master Emily Post, we learn that her opinion on boring people was that their behavior often boiled down to two points. One, a boring person is really just someone who jars our sensibilities. Think of the last time your roommate ate your last slice of pizza. Or the time you saw someone being rude to a waiter. What happened was that these people made you feel a pang of shock at their behavior. If you can avoid stepping on the metaphorical toes of others, that means you probably won’t bore them. Be aware of what others value, and you’ll know exactly how to act around them.

And two, a boring person, said Post, was someone who is interested in a subject but doesn’t understand that other people don’t share the interest. Has a guest who drones on endlessly about a subject you have no interest in ever cornered you at a party? Congratulations, you, like many others, have seen what a boring person is in the flesh. It’s not some abstract concept — social success often simply has to do with acknowledging the individuality of others. 

So if these tips interest you, know that coming out of your shell at a conference doesn’t have to be a struggle — in fact it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. When we open up to others, we open up our lives to new experiences, some of which make life improve immeasurably.

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Five Tips for Planning Catering at a Holiday Party

Choosing the right party venue for a corporate event ensures that everyone has a good time during the holiday party. Far too many companies stick close to home, opting for the office or meeting room, and other companies focus so much on budget that they forget to look at other factors. While selecting the right event does involve looking at the party budget, party planners should consider other things as well.

Party Budget

The amount of money the company can spend on the project often depends on the size of that company, with larger corporations often having more disposable cash. Party planners must consider the cost of decorating the space, food for employees and any other costs before setting a budget for the venue.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Companies based out of San Diego have more options than companies based in other cities. Even during the holidays, the temperatures are often warm enough that companies can look at outdoor venues. Renting a boat, choosing a restaurant with an outdoor terrace or planning parties on the beach are some fun ideas for San Diego corporate events

Available Space

The amount of available space is one of the most important things that holiday party event planners should look at when picking a venue. If the venue is too large, guests might feel overwhelmed and even uncomfortable. Smaller venues can create a more intimate setting and feel, but if the space is too small, guests might feel like they can’t move around freely. The venue should provide enough space for each guest on the list and anyone they bring with them.

Booking a Time

After finding the right venue, it’s time to book the party. Some companies spend so much time thinking about the cost and location that they forget to look at venues that are available at the time and date they need. Those looking for something a little more special might find that the venue has a long waiting list. Hiring a rental luxury yacht is one of the more interesting ideas for a holiday party, but planners should book those yachts in advance.

Finding the right venue for an amazing holiday party shouldn’t take a lot of time. Whether it’s a rental yacht or an outdoor party, guests will have a great time.

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Raspberry Chocolate Soup

Sumptuous as it sounds, raspberry white chocolate soup is surprisingly easy to create. It is one of our chef’s favorite dishes during his cooking classes. Students learn the steps of making the fruit puree and a rich chocolate mixture, topped off by the grand finale of spooning white onto red and gently swirling the colors together with a chopstick.

Raspberry white chocolate soup is sheer decadence, from its preparation in the kitchen to the last lingering taste on the tongue. The light sweetness and tartness of raspberries are complemented wonderfully by the creamy richness of white chocolate.

The soup is much a delight to the eye as it is to the palate. The deep ruby red of raspberry puree is offset perfectly by velvety swirls of white chocolate delicately laced with a luxurious hint of Grand Marnier.

 Any cook with a moderate amount of experience in the kitchen can learn to create this beautiful, and very tasty, dessert during one of our chef’s classes. The only mildly exotic ingredients are the white chocolate and Grand Marnier. The balance of the ingredients is found in most well stocked home kitchens. This dessert makes for a great surprise for a birthday celebration or a large dinner party.

 Love this recipe? Reserve a cruise on the San Diego Harbor with Flagship Cruises & Events to sample Chef Gist’s other decadent desserts.

 Raspberry and white chocolate swirl soup with brownie croutons (serves 6)

2ea      12oz packages frozen raspberries (about 3 cups)

1 ¼ c   water

½ c      sugar

½ c      seedless raspberry jam

2T        Grand Marnier, divided

½ c      whipping cream

4oz      white chocolate


In a small saucepan, bring raspberries, water and sugar to a boil over medium heat.  Reduce to a simmer. Stir occasionally until the sugar is dissolved and the raspberries are softened and broken down (about 4 minutes).  Add raspberry jam and one tablespoon of the Grand Marnier then blend with an immersion blender.  Strain out the seeds and chill for at least 4 hours.  In another saucepan, bring cream to a simmer over medium high heat.  Remove from heat and add white chocolate.  Let stand for two minutes then whisk until melted and smooth.  Stir in the remaining Grand Marnier.  Let cool.  Ladle raspberry soup into chilled shallow bowls.  Gently drop 5-6 spoonfuls of the white chocolate mixture into the soup.  Draw a knife through the soup to make a marbled effect.   Serve with your favorite brownies cut into 1/2” squares.


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Three Engaging Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Finding the perfect holiday corporate event venue to show the level of appreciation you have for your workers does not have to be a difficult task. Truth is, there are just as many different options made available in diversity as those your company employs. Just as you expect a certain level of respect from your workers, it is equally important to show your own through organizing a celebration that will live for years in remembrance. In an attempt to narrow down your options, the following are three excellent ideas for making the event you are planning a success in each of the minds of the attendees.

 Chartered Boats For An Unparalleled Experience

 Many have found that enlisting the services of San Diego charter boats to house their corporate events is one of the most impressive ways to leave an impression of appreciation. Not only do they give possibly one of the most admirable views of scenery, but they also provide a relaxing atmosphere for all that attend as well. With the view of the night sky and the reflection of the city lights on the water, one would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative for housing a celebration that will become the main discussion within the office afterwards.

 Plan a Themed Masquerade Ball

 One of the most memorably creative ideas for a corporate event has to be a masquerade ball. Not only will your workers appreciate the opportunity to mingle outside of the work environment, but also this option provides even more with the addition of costuming. This is an excellent way for people to bring out some of their inner personalities in ways that may not be an option for them in other situations.

 Create a Charity Event To Coincide With Festivities

 No matter which location you eventually decide upon, one of the most impressive additions to your event is to add an element of helping others. Whenever your workers feel that they are partying with a specific purpose, they are more likely to enjoy themselves as a whole. Not only does this establish a sense of added worth in their  eyes, but it also generates an image that the good of all mankind is at the heart of your own desire as well.

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Simple Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Meetings

Event planning can be quite stressful. Staying within a set budget is one of the many challenges that people face when they are preparing for a corporate event in San Diego. Fortunately, there are a number of things that people can do to save money on meetings. Below are some tips that will help companies stretch their meeting budgets:

Have The Meeting Locally
Companies should opt to have their meeting locally. People can very easily transport their employees by a train, bus or short flight if the meeting is local. This will help companies save a lot of money on transportation.

Have A Day Meeting
People should select a place where their employees can commute to daily instead of staying overnight. This is another very simple way to save money on a corporate event in San Diego.

Choose A Unique Venue For The Meeting
Companies can save a lot of money if they have their meeting in a unique venue, such as a soccer field, greenhouse, park or desert camp. This is something that should be discussed during the event planning phase.

Be Flexible
Many people are determined to have their meeting during a certain time. However, it is best for companies to be flexible with their dates. In many cases, changing the date can help one save a significant amount of money.

Handout Duplication And Photocopying Should Be Done Internally

Outsourcing handouts adds convenience and time saving but often the documents can be printed in house for far less and not much more time – especially if the printing is fairly simple.

Event planning is something that many companies dread because they struggle to find ways to stretch their budget. The good news is that companies can save money on their next corporate event by implementing a few of these cost saving techniques.

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Making the College Departure Memorable and Fun

With school starting back again at UC San Diego and San Diego State, many parents probably feel disbelief when their once little children reach college age and prepare to live on their own. While goodbyes can feel sad and uncertain, the departure for college is a wonderful time to reflect on a rich history of shared experiences, and even to create some new memories. It is worth your while to research the venues available in the area of the school that your student plans to attend. Sharing in a memorable last family meal together before the college transition begins is a great segue to the new experiences ahead. 

San Diego is a wonderful location to enjoy a dinner cruise with your family. Use this pleasant time to discuss happy family memories and to anticipate family team building ways for keeping in contact while living apart. Use this happy and valuable team building time to also answer any questions that your young adult may have about living on his or her own. Show your child that your love and support are unwavering, although life circumstances are changing. Share how proud you are of the adult he or she is becoming. Also, don’t feel like the cruise needs to resemble a business meeting. Enjoy each other and really be in the moment. Feel free to even share some tales of your own college experiences. Humorous stories are especially welcome, and can even allow you to share some life lessons and values without seeming overbearing. Laughter helps to put everyone at ease, and happy memories are wonderful to revisit. 

San Diego offers a variety of dinner cruise options. Choose the cruise that best fits your family schedule. There are cruises at all times of the day, including brunch cruises and night time skyline view cruises. Cruises offer a relaxing meal and schedule, allowing your family ample time to talk and enjoy the view. Be sure to call ahead as some cruises require advance notification. Also be sure to take pictures so that everyone has a tangible reminder of a great time.


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Planning the Ultimate Corporate Event: Creating a Better Checklist

When planning a big corporate function, one of the best steps that you can take is to make use of checklists to ensure that all of the tasks that require your attention get done. Corporate event planning in San Diego can be challenging and time consuming, but making use of checklists makes this process faster, easier and more productive. From selecting the event venue to sending out invitations and more, there are many larger and smaller details that require your attention, and a checklist can help you to stay organized. 

One of the first steps that you should take when it comes to corporate event planning San Diego is to create a general checklist. This may include larger items that require your attention, such as choosing the event venue and selecting a caterer. For each of the items on this checklist, consider the order in which these items require your attention, and include mandatory dates that the items need to be taken care of by. This master checklist can help you stay organized, and it can guide your day to day activities as the event date approaches.

Then, create more detailed checklists for your daily or weekly activities leading up to the event. Depending on your organizational preferences, you may work better by sitting down at night and itemizing the tasks that need to be taken care of the next day or for the next few days. These items may include more detailed tasks such as meetings that you have scheduled with vendors and specific tasks that the vendors have asked you to complete, such as selecting your dinnerware or deciding on the meal that will be served at the event.

The fact is that checklists can be used in multiple ways to help you stay organized as you plan your corporate event. They can be used to guide your actions on a regular basis so that you ensure that everything that requires your attention is taken care of in a timely manner. If you are preparing for a corporate event in the next few weeks or months, one of the best steps that you can take today is to start creating a general or master checklist and smaller, more detailed checklists to guide your actions.


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